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About us

Because you are unique, we want to be able to offer you an equally individual service… no, we have to!

Holistic and sustainable success is only possible with an individual approach to your context and your needs – be it on a professional or personal level. For this reason, we complement our own expertise with the specialist knowledge of our accomplices.

From Agile mindfulness to certifications: we have exactly the right experts for your solution!

Who are you looking for?

Team Jensen ...

This is the core team of Jensen and accomplices: Corina, Björn, Sven, Jenny and Riko. We run most of the trainings ourselves and also make sure that everything runs smoothly for you in the background.

Find out more about the team members here:

… and Accomplices

The community idea is very important to us. That’s why we are so happy to have our “accomplices”. This community of people with whom we share a common goal offers you a comprehensive pool of experts. In this way, you can benefit holistically from our expertise in the fields of agile and mindfulness.

And these are our accomplices:

If you want to learn more about complicity, you can do so on our blog.