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… from the necessary agile foundations to your certification

We want you to get exactly the training you need to develop and grow with joy. That’s why we offer you our expertise in various areas. We and all our accomplices are experienced trainers and coaches. This means you have the best teacher in every single course and that you get the trainer from whom you can learn the most. Only when professional competence and the human factor come together, long-term success can be achieved

From our “classics” like Certified ScrumMaster® and Certified Scrum Product Owner® classes to free info events – here you will always find relevant and helpful topics for your professional or private learning journey!

You can find an overview of all our current dates below. Have fun while browsing!

Certified ScrumMaster® (EN)Colognedetailsbook nowhttps://beta.jensen-und-komplizen.de/veranstaltungsort/loft-studio-cologne/?lang=enhttps://beta.jensen-und-komplizen.de/team/bjoern-jensen/?lang=enBjörn Jensen24.10.- 25.10.22Certified ScrumMaster® (EN)https://beta.jensen-und-komplizen.de/trainings/certified-scrum-master/?lang=en2022102409:0018:00Early Bird
1.500 €*
Björn Jensen, Certified Scrum Master, CSM_EN, English

It is a perfect mix of knowledge transfer, discussion and experiencing the topics yourself. Combined with Björn’s wealth of experience, the seminar becomes a learning journey.
– Lydia

“The technical implementation […] was great, the prepared documents as well. Björn as a trainer impresses with a very competent, helpful and friendly manner.”
Thomas Egger, Hagen Management GmbH

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This site is registered on wpml.org as a development site.