Agile Games (Remote)

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Are you an agile coach, ScrumMaster or trainer? Then you know that good workshops need to be interactive. And that’s where games come into play. But how does that work in a remote course? Fortunately, our accomplicesMarc Bless and Dennis Wagner are the experts on this subject . In keeping with their book, Marc and Dennis have designed a learning journey in the form of a workshop series in the context of “Agile Games (Remote)” that will turn you into a professional. In addition to the theory, there are, of course, lot’s of practical exercises for you to use in your everyday life.

So if you regularly facilitate trainings, workshops, retrospectives etc. that are meant to stand out through interactive learning and making experiences, then this journey will take your effectiveness to the next level! It doesn’t matter whether these events will be online or offline – both will be covered.

“Great journey through the world of agile games. I learned a lot even though I already knew some things. Helps me to make my workshops even more playful and effective.”

Individual Modules or Full Journey
  • In the online version of the course, modules 1-5 can be booked separately. This means you can pick out exactly what you need as a facilitator of agile games.
  • Of course, you can complete the entire learning journey both online and in a classroom training.
    Certificate included!
  • Everything you need to know about your learning journey
  • What can you expect? How does the journey work? What are the rules?
  • What makes a good game?
  • Reflections on your own approaches and experiences
  • What approaches are there?
  • What is “Training from the Back of the Room (TFTBOTR)”?
  • Fields of application for games
  • Getting started and filling your games toolbox for online and offline games
  • Professionalism vs. spontaneity
  • Motivation of participants
  • TFTBOTR in online environments

Games to teach specific principles related to business context (multitasking, business value, etc.).

Simulations to convey certain principles related to business context (incremental & iterative development, product visions or detailing of requirements, etc.).

Simulations to convey certain methods/principles related to business context (Scrum, Kanban, DevOps etc.)

Collection of games on the topic of “Interactions in groups and social dynamics” – games that support a group of individuals to become a team

  • Reflection of modules 1 to 5
  • Clarification of open points & challenges
  • Time for your own topics
  • Finalisation of modules 1 to 6
  • How do I compose workshops with games?
  • What are the risks, challenges and traps?
  • How do I design interactive openings?
  • How do I design interactive group formations?
  • How can I interactively bring more energy into the room?
  • How do I design interactive closings?
  • What else belongs in the toolbox besides the games?
  • Participation in this module is only for those who have booked the whole Agile Games journey
  • Agile Games Workshop
  • Mentoring when designing your own workshop
  • Test run of your own workshop

You Can Choose:

Agile Games Remote

Participate comfortably online from your home or office. Modules can also be booked individually.

Agile Games - Classroom Training

Experience the full programme in two days in beautiful Hamburg in an ideal learning environment.

Price per Module: 249,99€

Book the Whole Package and Save Up to 600€

Price: 1500€

Currently no dates available. Contact us if you are interested.

Your Trainers for This Agile Games Course:

Dennis Wagner und Marc Bless,the two professionals for agile games and authors of the book “Agile Spiele – kurz und gut”, will guide you through the world of agile games and pass on their concentrated knowledge to you. As agile coaches who themselves have a background in software development, they will help the participants master situations from their everyday work as ScrumMasters, Product Owners, coaches, trainers, etc. with the help of agile games. 

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