Certified ScrumMaster®

“'Tis early practice only makes the master.”

In our Certified ScrumMaster® training you will learn everything you need to know to fulfil your important role as a ScrumMaster – and after passing the exam you will receive your personal Certified ScrumMaster® certificate from Scrum Alliance®.

Together we will dive deep into the different aspects of Scrum Mastery. The experienced trainers will not only teach the theory, but will also ensure aha-moments with numerous practical interactions. You will experience first-hand what makes agility so valuable. There is definitely no room for boredom here! At the end of this dynamic and exciting workshop, you will have learned when Scrum makes sense and when it might be better to choose a different approach – and which one. You will know which different perspectives a great ScrumMaster should take and how Scrum can also be used in a scaled way in larger contexts – and not only in software development.

You can decide if you prefer to take part in the course for 2 full days or for 3 half days. Just choose the option that suits you best!

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Certified ScrumMaster® - Learnings

  • Deep understanding of the ScrumMaster role in general and for you personally.

  • A clear picture of how Scrum Mastery is and should be implemented in your organisation

  • Strategies for your way to great Scrum Mastery

  • Many tools that can support you in your role as ScrumMaster

  • Deep understanding of what product development is and how to establish this mindset in your company

  • Scaling options for Scrum

This Course as Inhouse Training?

Our New and Improved Course Structure

In order to offer the best possible learning experience to everyone – whether beginner or experienced agilist – we have optimised our course programme for you as part of our continuous improvement process:

ScrumMaster Training
Incl. Foundations

You want to become a certified ScrumMaster, but don’t have much experience yet? You just want to learn the necessary Scrum basics from scratch or refresh your knowledge? Then start your ScrumMaster journey with our new Scrum Foundations course!

Direct Entry for Experienced Agilists

You already have sound basic knowledge, perhaps you have been working as a ScrumMaster for some time and know the Scrum Guide inside out? Then you can directly join our Certified ScrumMaster® training and fully focus on your role as ScrumMaster.

The content and timing of the two courses are well coordinated so that you can either book them independently or together as a block. In addition, we always give you the option of choosing between face-to-face and online courses – whatever suits you best:

Upcoming Certified ScrumMaster® Courses:


– 05.05.22




Björn Jensen


Early Bird
1.500 €*
including VAT
Certified ScrumMaster® (EN)Hamburgbook nowhttps://beta.jensen-und-komplizen.de/veranstaltungsort/betahaus/?lang=enhttps://beta.jensen-und-komplizen.de/team/bjoern-jensen/?lang=enBjörn Jensen04.05.- 05.05.22Certified ScrumMaster® (EN)https://beta.jensen-und-komplizen.de/trainings-jensen-und-komplizen/certified-scrum-master-training/?lang=enBjörn Jensen, Certified Scrum Master, CSM_EN, English2022050409:0018:00Early Bird
1.500 €*
Certified ScrumMaster® (EN)Colognebook nowhttps://beta.jensen-und-komplizen.de/veranstaltungsort/loft-studio-cologne/?lang=enhttps://beta.jensen-und-komplizen.de/team/bjoern-jensen/?lang=enBjörn Jensen24.10.- 25.10.22Certified ScrumMaster® (EN)https://beta.jensen-und-komplizen.de/trainings/certified-scrum-master/?lang=enBjörn Jensen, Certified Scrum Master, CSM_EN, English2022102409:0018:00Early Bird
1.500 €*

“Very good examples and answers (quick like a shot) simply show that the trainers are speaking from experience and that is indescribably valuable. After the three days you have the feeling that you have learned more than you could have hoped for in advance – really good!
– Urs Hofmann, Consultant at Rothbaum Consulting Engineers GmbH