Certified Scrum Professional®-Product Owner

You already have the Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO) certification? Then you already have many things at hand to increase your effectiveness at product level. With the Certified Scrum Professional® – Product Owner (CSP®-PO) certification, you raise your Product Owner qualities to the next level to achieve holistic effectiveness at an organisational level!

In this CSP®-PO course of Scrum Alliance® you will get to know many aspects of the role of the Product Owner that go beyond the product focus. Basically, the aim of this training is to increase your effectiveness as a Product Owner by deepening what you have learned previously and to expand on the aspects that have so far been looked at rather marginally. For example, you will learn many advanced techniques, tools and tips for your daily work in the strategic development and evolution of products and for the increase in profitability of your products in different environments.

You can choose the path to the CSP®-PO certification yourself – as it suits you best. Either you take part in a compact course lasting a couple of days or you decide to take a six-month part-time learning journey.


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Different Ways to Become an
Certified Scrum Professional®-Product Owner

Classic Compact Training

This is a classic compact training. Usually it takes place three days in a row. The advantage of such a compact training is that you are free from everyday life and can fully concentrate on the new contents. Read more

The advantage here is that you can work towards your CSP®-PO certification relatively quickly and with great focus. However, compared to the six-month learning journey, you have little transfer to your own reality and back, i.e. you probably bring a lot of your own experience, wishes and hopes with you to the training. There you will get a lot of new impulses in a short time and then have to transfer them into your everyday work by yourself. However, the learning content is identical in both formats.

6-Month Learning Journey

The part-time learning journey for the CSP®-PO certification is divided into 6 modules of 4 hours each, spread over half a year. In addition, there are 6 group sessions of 80 minutes each. The advantage here: you can immediately try out what you have learned and bring the experience back to the next module. Read more

There is a stronger practical and above all accompanied transfer to your everyday work than in the compact training. The fact that you always go into your everyday working life after a module means that the training is not quite as concentrated as a compact training. However, experience has shown that this format offers enough focus and opportunities for accompanied reflection. In addition to the 6 modules, the group events give you a total of one more day to deal with the respective training level.

Public vs. Private Learning Journeys

In private (in-house) learning journeys, it is much easier to address your own concerns. This makes it possible to actively engage with your own reality… and maybe also the risk of not thinking outside the box. The public learning journeys promote active exchange with participants from other organisations. This definitely ensures looking beyond one’s own horizon. Here too, the confrontation with your own reality takes place, but not on the same level as in private (in-house) learning journeys. Contact us to find out about a private learning journey.

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Currently we do not offer Certified Scrum Professional® – Product Owner courses in English.
If you are interested please contact us or check out if this course is available in German.


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