Facilitation in Action

Take Your Facilitation Skills to the Next Level

In our training “(Remote) Retrospectives in Action” you learn to enrich and lead retrospectives with the help of action methods*.

Together we dive deep into the topic of retrospectives with action methods. The experienced trainers will not only convey the theory and intentions of the format and methods, but will also demonstrate and practise retrospectives in action in a very practical way using concrete cases. Games, tools and feedback guarantee fun, movement and aha-moments. You and later the participants of your workshops will not only discuss the cooperation of groups and teams in terms of content, but explore it playfully, feel it emotionally-physically and experience it with all senses. There is definitely no room for boredom here! At the end of this dynamic and exciting seminar, you will have learned how to design retrospectives with action methods and how to enrich and lead them with which methods and when.

The trainers will provide content material on retrospectives and action methods in advance and after the course. In the seminar, we will work out, acquire and try out the contents on the basis of concrete cases.

*Action methods is an overall term for the different schools of action- and experience-oriented work with groups. Scenic-acting methods such as sociodrama, playback theatre or the theatre of the oppressed are included as well as methods that rely heavily on sensing, such as social presencing theatre or systemic structural constellations.

Facilitation - Learnings

  • Deep understanding of retrospectives with action methods

  • Many inspirations for the facilitation of (remote) workshops in an agile and systemic context

  • Practical formats from the field of (virtual) action methods that help you design and lead agile meetings and workshops

  • Many games and suggestions for openings, energisers and warm-ups as well as for closings

  • New impulses and tips and tricks for inspiring and activating Zoom sessions and working with remote teams

  • A sharpened awareness of the respective transformation processes, organisational and group structures as well as team dynamics

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Currently we do not offer Retrospectives in Action courses in English.
If you are interested please contact us or check out if this course is available in German.

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This site is registered on wpml.org as a development site.