Scrum Foundations

Getting Started With Scrum

Are you just starting with Scrum and Agile? Or do you already have basic Scrum knowledge that you would simply like to refresh? In any case, our Scrum Foundations course is the right choice for you!

The Scrum Foundations training is about getting to know and experiencing Scrum and agility. In addition to the actual framework, you will get enough solid basic knowledge to be able to not only join conversations about Scrum and Agile but also to make a well-founded decision as to whether the path towards agility is the right one for you, your team and your organisation.

We will start where you are right now. And not only thematically. You can choose whether you want to take part in the training virtually or on-site.

Our trainings are always led by trainers with a lot of practical experience from which the participants will benefit. Many interactions in our trainings ensure a high energy level and you will experience in person what agility really means.


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Scrum Foundations - Learnings

  • Deep understanding of agility in general

  • A clear picture of the Scrum framework

  • Advantages & challenges of agility and Scrum

  • Lots of exclusive knowledge and practical tips from the trainers

  • Awareness of when and how you can use Scrum

  • Sound knowledge of roles, events and artefacts

When to Book Scrum Foundations

In order to offer the best possible learning experience to everyone – whether beginner or experienced agilist – we have optimised our course portfolio for you in the spirit of continuous improvement. You can find out more about this here:

In countless Scrum workshops over many years, we have repeatedly seen that the different levels of knowledge and experience of the course participants contribute to a valuable exchange in the group. However, it was not always possible to respond to each individual participant as optimally as we would have liked.

To make sure you get exactly what you need, we have now split up the course content and designed a training that is all about the basics and fundamental knowledge of Scrum and Agile: the new Scrum Foundations Training!

So if you wish to get a ScrumMaster or Product Owner certification, but do not yet fulfil these basic requirements, we recommend that you first complete the Scrum Foundations course. If you are already very familiar with Scrum and can recite the Scrum Guide in your sleep, you may skip this foundational training and go straight into your CSM® or CSPO®training. This way you can make the best use of your valuable time.

Scrum Foundations as
an Introduction to Agile and Scrum​

You are completely new to the agile world and want to get a compact but well-founded overview of the Scrum basics? You already have some knowledge, but want to confirm or refresh your knowledge?

It’s so easy: attend our Scrum Foundations Training!

Scrum Foundations as
As Basis For CSM®​ ®/ CSPO®

Do you plan to get a Certified ScrumMaster® or Certified Scrum Product Owner® certification directly after your Scrum Foundations class? Or would you prefer to remain more flexible?

Both are possible! You can book the two courses either on different or on consecutive dates.

Upcoming Scrum Foundations Courses:

Currently we do not offer Scrum Foundations courses in English.
If you are interested please contact us or check out if this course is available in German.




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