ScrumTale Facilitation Workshop

Play is the highest form of research - Albert Einstein

In this workshop you will playfully get to know the Scrum framework and all its elements: roles, events and artefacts. You will simultaneously try out the theory, put it into practice and experience a complete product development cycle. This will not only prepare you perfectly for working with Scrum in the real world. You will also learn to become a ScrumTale facilitator yourself and carry out this exclusive simulation with your teams and customers. By becoming a ScrumTale facilitator, you in turn can help as many other people as possible to have a better learning and working experience.

ScrumTale is now available as a “board game” as well as an online edition.

We have translated all the content, so the ScrumTale simulation is now also available in German!

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Book one of only 16 exclusive tickets for the ScrumTale games night on 06.05.2021 from 18:30 – 21:00 for free.

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ScrumTale as an Inhouse Event?

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ScrumTale Facilitation in Englisch and German

Lech and Pshemek also offer a 2-hour ScrumTale Facilitation workshop. This is held online and in English. More information about this on their website. Besides this, we have translated the content and now also offer ScrumTale workshops in German.